Plagued Mourinho points to arbitration

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José Mourinho irritated visible.

,,We are a fragile team from a defeat. If you then after five minutes with 1-0 behind, is that not the best way for a competition to start”, was the analysis of Mourinho, who felt that the goal offside. ,,Last Tuesday, with the videoarbiter would that goal have been rejected. We responded well, but when we came 2-0 behind through an own goal.”

After the 2-1 Marcus Rashford had the 3-1 due to a violation of Pablo Zabaleta also rejected, was Mourinho. ,,That third goal threw the game on lock and did our team a psychological tie to.”

Mourinho, who is the third competitienederlaag suffering, and this past week even though by Derby County was eliminated in the League Cup, was surprised by Anthony Martial to prefer over Alexis Sánchez. ,,People are calling for months to Martial, Martial, Martial. This week it was the turn of Martial.”

Although the coach is setting his players not wanted to denounce it, he had criticism in the way the duels go down. I can have complaints about the quality and I can also have complaints about the mental way in which we did some duels go. As a Robert Snodgrass to West Ham, who enters the field and wants the ball and everyone around him eats up. There are certain qualities that we don’t have.”

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