Piet Huysentruyt quarrels with his wife

Today, Saturday, september 29, were Piet Huysentruyt and his wife Veronique from 10.00 am to 12.00 guest at the Ann Van Elsen in The Family Van Elsen on Joe. Piets wife Veronique appears almost never in the media but for The Family Of Elsen made Veronique likes to be an exception.

Ann notes that Piet Huysentruyt was born the day after Christmas. “I’ve actually got my name due to Sinterklaas. My mother said that it was a Black and Lizzy went. It was eventually a blank Stickler, but in any case, however, a Stickler,” adds Piet. “Today, that Pete’s not more so it really is pure nostalgia,” adds Ann. “Actually, they went to me because my parents could not financially make it. But I am, and if I am, then I will say my thought,” says Piet.

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