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Philippe Gilbert is under the impression of climb, but will see at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS yet, opportunities, and slide Belgian asset to for

Gilbert arrived on Friday evening in Austria. He serves each Sunday as a co-commentator for the French Eurosport. Saturday morning he also took the time to train and the trail just to explore. “It’s really heavy,” he said in Innsbruck. “Our best asset seems to me Dylan Teuns.”

Gilbert explored the trail on Saturday morning, went five times about the Igls – the long climb of 7.9 km at an average of 5.7 percent – and one time on the tough final climb that strips know to 28 strips. “I had my regular gear on”, he says. “39:28 (most of the Belgians will be Sunday with 39:30 that final climb drive) and that was a little to heavy resistance. I took less than between five and seven kilometers per hour, while I get the maximum gave. The climb before that, which Igls, is a runner, but it will, of course, the competition very difficult if you that each round is about.”

“Take advantage of role as underdog”

The Belgians have according to Gilbert to take advantage of the fact that they can’t pick a favorite. “We must not be like the past years at the head of the drive”, he says. “We need to the price not to check, can operate from a underdogpositie. Of such a situation you need benefit, then you can as many riders as possible to the end of love the course. Halfway through the match, you can then enters into action and with your pawns to play with.”

“This is a tricky course, really heavy, but it’s one where I think you can also ‘anticipate’. If a group organizes itself, it can get very far. A lot of riders will be afraid of that final climb and benefit from to the past. That can in our card games.”

Alaphilippe absolute favourite, Teuns Belgian asset

“We have different leaders and which should you use, though it seems to be Dylan Teuns me our best asset. If you go to his performance looks from the past few weeks, he is the card you must draw. On such a trail will also soon see who is the strongest Belgian. Itself tip, I Alaphilippe as the big favourite. That seems to me to be logical after his performances of the past few weeks, only to win the well-liked not always.”

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