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Ostend opens the season with (exciting) thuiszege against Leuven Bears

Filou Ostend is the championship began as the Zeekapiteins the previous one ended: with a thuiszege. Although there was still a lot of sand in the Ostend engine.

Leuven Bears put up a very creditable performance. Under the direction of McIntosh they were not at all impressed by the titelverdedigers.

After Delalic visitors 2-4 first brought, reacted, Fieler (two bombs) and Lasisi (veldkorf and two vrijworpen) with a 10-0 in less than two minutes. Ten points including two bombs from Gaudoux brought Leuven Bears at 19-20 again in the contest. Djurisic, who had difficulty with the handsome defence of Gaudoux, heard quickly his third error.

Complexloos brought Delalic and McIntosh – topschutter with 17 points and 4 assists – after 47-41 their team in the third company at 47-49 again on lead. At the half the score was perfect (54-54) in balance. Fieler, Desiron, Williams, and Djurisic knutselden in a four-minute a 13-1-rush in each other. The intensity of Ostend was suddenly much higher. Also gave the brave Flemish people from the netherlands. She walked up to 67-61 with four minutes on the clock. With three vrijworpen explained Djordjevic the 70-63-end position.

I was not sure, but very exciting. Ostend praised also happy that the twenty vrijworpen more should it take than his opponents.

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