One of the most wanted men in Europe after 12 years captured in a secret lair

The Spanish police has one of Europe’s most wanted criminals found: the 49-year-old Esteban Vacas García. The man was in 2006 sentenced for the rape of his 15-year-old stepdaughter, all the while hid himself in a secret hiding place.

Day for the process in 2006, it seemed to Esteban Vacas García (49) of the globe disappeared. The Spaniard would accused of the multiple rape and population of 15-year-old daughter of his former partner. ‘He threatened her mother and sister to kill her if she told anyone told him what had happened, ” she said.

But his condemnation, to 16 years in prison, waited García not. The man chose to run away. He ended up on the Europol list of most wanted men, but nonetheless managed to up to 12 years to hide. Until now.

Secret shelter built

Last Wednesday was agents of the national police, him back in his parental home in Salamanca, in the Castilla y León region. “He lived in the house where he grew up,” says the police in an official statement. “And he just came out on rare occasions, in the earliest hours of the morning.’

Garcia there would be a secret hiding place built where he could hide every time the police came. ‘Are hiding adress was located under the sink in the kitchen’, according to the agents.

All that time focused the police on other regions of the country, or suspected even that he was out of the country fled. Only when a public call via Twitter, with the photo of the man, came tips within that eventually led to the discovery.

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