Of Doesburgh and Schuurmans again in New Neighbors

Earlier it was already reported that Anna Drijver, Benja Bruijning, Kay Greidanus, Sarah Chronis and Anneke Block in the fourth season.

In the new series tries Eva (Van Doesburgh) a new life to build. She gets help from her new neighbors (Tracker and Bruijning). But in her new life diving soon issues from the past, with all its consequences. Greidanus and Chronis play a new couple in Zonnewijk comes to live, the place where the previous three seasons took place.

The first season of the New Neighbours was based on the book by Saskia Noort, the later series were original stories. The new fourth series will be directed by Bobby Boermans, Jelle de Jonge and Mark the Cloe. New Neighbors 4 is coming spring to see it in Videoland.

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