Nicolette Kluijver is still at 34th birthday after illness

Nicolette Kluijver

Grateful she is that they have this day to experience, what for the tv presenter is not granted. “A year and a half ago I had lung cancer and I knew not whether I would survive. Therefore, today is very special… I am allowed to today, 34 years. It’s party time!!!!!” Nicolette is aware of the silent and that means no festive photos, but a photo of herself in the hospital at the time. “I think today extra to anyone that has to deal with this disease…”

In may of last year told Nicolette Kluijver only how bad her illness was. They did earlier that year appear as if the lung cancer is in an early stage was, but that was not the truth; they had the death all in the eyes examined, ” she said. “It was not a stage, it was super lung cancer. I was already saying goodbye to it,” she told him when the Prince see the Stars. To her children to protect, weakness her diagnose in the public.

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