Michiel van Erp creates a film over your own group of friends

The director makes this week his debut with the film ” No one in the city, about a group of students finding their way in life. “It is the opposite of No one in the city and inspired by our own group of friends”, says Van Erp. “People of fifty years, who know each other already since their student days. Men, women, ex-wives, second partner, third leg, you name it. And who is to come in a house in France together on a surprisefeest of a friend who is fifty.” The friend tells that he is selected for a mission to Mars. “It also turns out that he never come back: it is a one-way trip.”

This leads to much consternation among the friends. “He thinks that he has a very nice life to leave to do something that truly has meaning for the world. It’s about themes like friendship, loyalty, care for each other, take responsibility, and the right to provide for yourself.”

Elon Musken

Block and Erp are now working on the scenario. “We are still very much part of the search for balance,” says Block in the same interview. “Because it is such a great thing to have to go to Mars. It has a decent flight taken with the Elon Musken of this world.” Block has in preparation, talked to someone who in the last three hundred candidates for the Mars One mission was. “These were people who have a good job and a family, so I wondered why they all wanted to give up. The answer was obvious: because it can. I think it is deep in the human being is embedded to always continue to want to investigate.”

It is not yet known when the film to be rotated.

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