Masseur sues Kevin Spacey for recent sexual assault

The accusation comes from a man who is already 35 years as a massage therapist works and further wishes to remain anonymous. He would be in the fall of 2016 by the “oscar” Italian are raped, in a private residence in Malibu.

On the question of the masseur whether he still was with problem areas for the massage, would Spacey have replied that he pain or discomfort, had his cross. From that moment on, things went out of hand, according to the indictment. Spacey wanted to, according to the therapist per se on his back and would be several times the hand of the masseur getting caught have to take that to his genitals.

The masseur would be in shock asked what he was doing and have said that it was preposterous what Kevin Spacey did. Then would the actor him by his shoulders grabbed and tried to kiss him again, to touch. When the therapist wanted to leave, blocked the door and asked him to have sex with him. The therapist would then have the space escaped with his massage table, but without further stuff.


Representatives of the actor have not in the American media reacted to the indictment. At the moment all the research done to other charges against Kevin Spacey in Los Angeles and London. More than twelve men have him accused of unwanted sexual intimacy. An earlier indictment was not a matter, because they are time-barred, other than this accusation of sexual assault and deprivation of liberty.

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The first actor who came out with a #metoo-story about Spacey was Star Trek-star Anthony Rapp. Rapp’d in 1986 by Spacey have been abused, and was fourteen years old. Spacey defended himself with a statement in which he, among others, the cabinet came. The homosexual orientation of the actor was already a public secret in Hollywood. As a result of the coverage lost to Kevin Spacey, his role and involvement in the successful Netflix series House of Cards and were are the scenes from the film All the Money in the World cut.

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