’Lindsay Lohan is trying children to kidnap’

Lindsay Lohan

The video is on Instagram now cannot be found anymore, but someone shared it on YouTube and also on Twitter was the controversial video often shared. It begins as a noble film: “Tell America what you need and I will do it for you.” But then it pretty weird af: see how they ask the children whether they come to her car, so that they can provide, and but continues to insist. So much so that the mother is at a given moment to her out of it, and the family of her takes flight.

On social media think those who the movie saw also that the former kindster again the track is completely lost. “See the entire video. She tells the parents said that their children take, and their ’tomorrow brings’. She follows them and stalks them and tries to physically the children to intervene, which the mother, her family defends. If you like this behavior defends, are you just as sick as they are.” Many others react in shock.

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