Joke Devynck as you never saw

In the second episode of the 13 Commandments we saw, Joke Devynck as ‘at work’ in a prominent role. Joke creeps into the little cloaked skin of Sandy, a girl of pleasure that will come to visit… superintendent Peter Devriendt (Dirk Van Dijck). Not because they have anything illegal has been done, it is because he is naked against her will, without more. In the fourth episode on Monday, October 1 looking for Peter again. Episode three was, incidentally, meanwhile, by more than half a million viewers (564.959, live +3) looking at, good for a market share of 27.2% (VVA 18-54).

Also, Mathijs F. Scheepers, we see at work in 13 Commandments. He plays Roelof, a nurse working in nursing home Alegria, which is under the surveillance comes from the federal police when the seriedader where everyone desperately is looking for, a video put online from that building. “Father, mother, thou shalt honour’: again, someone needs to pay for the violation of this fourth commandment.

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