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Jefferson Airplane founder Marty Balin died at the age of 76

Marty Balin, a founding member of the seminal rock band Jefferson Airplane, is Thursday died. He was 76. That is Saturday morning read on his Facebook page, but a cause of death is not given.

Balin was the lead singer of the group, who later Jefferson Starship and still later, just Starship came to call. The album ‘Surrealistic Pillow’ in 1967 was the breakthrough of the group, who then for the first time his distinctive psychedelic rock brought.

On that plate were two of the biggest hits of the band, ‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Miracles’. “White Rabbit” was written by Grace Slick, who is already on Twitter responded. “We have a true legend lost. Marty Balin helped at the start of a revolution that still continues.’

In 1978 got Balin in the band, that when Jefferson Starship was called. Over the years, changed the occupancy of the group several times, but until today, touring the band still, as Jefferson Starship.

Balin was after his departure from Jefferson Starship active as a solo artist.

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