Iraqi influencer shot dead in Baghdad

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Tara Fares, an Iraqi model and Instagramster with almost three million followers, is in Baghdad shot and killed. For the moment it is not clear who is behind the murder of the 22-year-old.

The young woman was Thursday morning around 5.45 pm in the evening, in her car shot at in the Kam Sara-neighborhood in Baghdad. She was taken to the hospital, but help could be of no avail.

The Iraqi ministry of the Interior has an investigation open into the death of the model. But about the perpetrators and their motive is still not known.

The former Miss Iraq was seen as a champion of women’s emancipation. Especially the fact that she strongly stood up for her opinion, in a country with a very conservative attitude towards women, is praised.

“They had a very western lifestyle,” says Daryna Sarhan, who is a lifestylemagazine in Erbil has been established. “They did everything where the conservatives are against.’

Fares is the second known woman that this week in Iraq has been killed. Earlier in Basra, the 46-year-old vrouwenrechtenactivistse Suad al-Ali was shot.

Some fear that influential women in Iraq are targeted. Such attacks are intended to send a signal, says member of parliament Mohammad Nasir al-Karbouli.

‘It feels as if there is such a message is sent,’ says Sarhan. “Don’t be like Tara, or you’ll end up like Tara.’

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