How would it have been to Greet Rouffaer?

805a2d41a1b272844b578d763c7a96c8 - How would it have been to Greet Rouffaer?

Greet Rouffaer looks in Gazet Van Antwerpen back on Wittekerke. Then it became quiet around her, and that was not always her fault. So there was long time a role in the Family. “There was already some times said that I do like in the series would have, but they came with a concrete proposal,” she says. “Until I give them an e-mail sent to open map to play. To which they replied to come by. I drove to Boortmeerbeek and my heart began to faster store. I was all for the cameras. They said effectively that they have a role for me. But on the first day of admission was still a few months wait. The promised autumn was spring, it was Easter… I thought that was already weird. If I feel that something is wrong, I dare yourself to call to ask for an explanation. I was far too well-behaved. Anyway, eventually I got an e-mail with lots of blah blah, in which it found there that it was. They knew it already, but they had me fooled. That has given me enormous hurt.”

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