For the first F-35 crashed

d39903607a100ad7dec63245fc7aa81c - For the first F-35 crashed

For the first time a F-35 fighter aircraft from the Us manufacturer Lockheed Martin crashed.

The aircraft, an F-35B of the US Marine Corps, crashed Friday in the vicinity of Beaufort, in the U.s. state of South Carolina. The pilot was an ejection seat to safety. According to the U.s. air force, there were no injuries.

The crash is being investigated. The cause is still not known.

The incident happened the day after the first combat operation of the F-35B in Afghanistan. That type of fighter plane can be vertical countries and on a much shorter distance to take off. An F-35B costs according to the U.s. transmitter CNN 115 million dollars.

The F-35 program is the costliest weapons program in U.s. military history. The total estimated cost would be nearly 400 billion dollars amounts of money for the Pentagon. The development of the device was already associated with delays and budget overruns.

The F-35A, the variant that is conventional lands and takes off, is just like the Eurofighter Typhoon a possible successor of the F-16’s in our country. France made a proposal for a strategic partnership based on the Rafale of Dassault Aviation.

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