Erdogan wraps up visit with opening mosque

COLOGNE – The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has Saturday his three-day visit to Germany ended with the official opening of the Central Mosque in Cologne. Elsewhere in the city were the opponents and supporters of Erdogan on the leg, but that went without significant incidents.

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Both opponents have already today protested during the visit of Erdogan to Cologne (mosque right rear).

Erdogan called his visit to Germany “successful.” In his speech In the mosque, he said that his journey to the German-Turkish friendship has deepened. With German chancellor Angela Merkel and president of germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier had he “sincerely important topics” are discussed, such as economic investments, and how “to effectively fight against racism and islamophobia”, reported Zeit Online. Further called Erdogan on to a better integration of Turks in Germany.

Security services running tension for the moskeegebouw along, after the command is given, no public allowed.


Prior to the advent of Erdogan to the mosque and prohibited the municipality of Cologne on the eve of a mass meeting on the occasion of the opening. The huge Central Mosque is the largest in the EU and is built in command of the Turkish Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (Ditib), a government agency in Turkey. Ditib complained on Saturday that Cologne is unjust and disrespectful to the ban on the mass rally has come. The organization had, inter alia through Facebook people are called to the opening and were expecting about 25,000 people.

Additional security measures

The municipality argued that the organisation of the opening ceremony to extra security measures and amenities that had been requested, but which are according to the municipality not at all affected. Around the mosque was an area cordoned off, where people are only with special invitations within could come. The city was afraid of riots by the arrival of the president of Turkey.

In several places in the city were demonstrations, including a demonstration of Kurds against Erdogan on the right bank of the Rhine.

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