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Dutch topfavoriete reed at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS with a broken knee to seventh place, then in a wheelchair to take their place

The Dutch Annemiek van Vleuten, who on Tuesday world champion time trial, the road race for women at the world championships in Innsbruck tens of kilometers cycled with a broken knee. This was revealed by medical examination after the finish, where they finished seventh arrived on 7 minutes of the winner Anna van der Breggen.

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“A fracture. I can’t believe it. Emotional now. It will heal, but that requires time (weeks)”, was her comment on Twitter when an x-ray that the fracture in her knee well was visible.

Van Vleuten was more than 90 kilometers from the finish line at val. She was quite uncomfortable in a perk and went stumbling back on the bike. Then she drove, however, in no time back to the peloton. “I also felt so good. Even with that painful knee, which immediately or unstable felt, I could just hard doorfietsen. I couldn’t figure it out.”

After the match, could He not walk anymore and she talked to the media while sitting in a wheelchair. “I have that knee broken driven. I’m now a bit worried,” she said, before she went to the hospital went.

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