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Crypto-millionaires in the buying frenzy

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Crypto-millionaires have bought people, the impeccable foresight, luck or a combination of both happen at the right time, Kryptos. While most people had trouble understanding what Bitcoin is, exploded, the value of the crypto-currencies in the second half of 2017, followed by increases in the price of Ethereum, Ripple, and a variety of other. The madness of the 1,000 percent return created year for year, made some people, seemingly overnight, to crypto-millionaires and billionaires.

Since the purchasing power of traditional currencies, is fallen, see crypto-currencies are always tempting, and the question is, what can you buy with Bitcoin and its Altcoin siblings actually. As we prepare ourselves to the 10. To celebrate the birthday of bitcoin, it is worth to take a look at some of the most expensive and most incredible things that could pay people with BTC.

If you look at the most extraordinary purchases, it is clear that since the infamous Bitcoin Pizza incident at the Papa John’s already 2010 an order for two pizzas over 10,000 BTC of Laszlo Hanyecz accepted, a lot has happened. A look at how much you would pay today for the same two pizzas with Bitcoin, which shows how much progress has been achieved in the last eight years.

While some of the early adopters have sold their Bitcoin for a fairly high profit, others have taken over the Hold-Mantra (HODL). With the increasing global acceptance, you could values Kryptos more and more frequently for the purchase of real assets, from cars to Islands.

In the Following, we want to take a look at the most amazing worldly things, the were able to acquire people with your Kryptos.

Real estate

Real estate – the most traditional and safest plant is also popular in crypto millionaires and, in particular, in the case of Chinese millionaires. While the Chinese regulatory authorities take action against crypto-trade on the mainland, crypto millionaires to foreign real estate markets, to diversify their investments. Some buy real estate directly with crypto, others are using Bitcoin in order to receive foreign currencies without a Bank account. The founder of the American crypto-property-Start-Ups Slice, say, that about a third of your potential users comes from Asia. This also includes Chinese investors, looking for securities trader in Hong Kong, tokenized property rights.

Many Blockchain enthusiasts buy second homes or investment properties. The result is that more and more sellers will accept crypto-currencies directly from international buyers. But Chinese buyers are not the Only ones who buy real estate with crypto-currency. In the year 2017, Bitcoin has been used for the purchase of luxury apartments in the Aston Crypto Plaza in Dubai, a project of a group of Europeans led by the British Baroness Michelle Mone. Whenever an exchange of crypto to real values is performed, it is clear that crypto-wealth has a real impact on the global real estate markets.

A plot of land at Union Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines was sold at the end of last year for 570 BTC. The 5.3 million pounds expensive, and a 13-acre plot was only in Bitcoin available. Fifty luxury apartments in Dubai have been offered in February of this year, a couple of British entrepreneurs in Bitcoin for sale. All of these properties were sold. One of the investors has purchased 10 of the real estate.


An increase in the demand from customers who want to buy jewellery to the value of more than 1 Million dollars, has opened up the market for crypto-TRANS actions.

Samer Halimeh, a diamond dealer from New York, accepted since September 2017 crypto payments for jewelry. Reed’s is another American jewelry retailer that offers conventional jewellery and customers gold bars and loose diamonds for Bitcoin.

Crypto-currency holders can invest in traditional assets such as Gold and diamonds and so diversified in their investments.

Crypto Millionaire Doors

The sentence “when Lambo” is the most crypto-enthusiasts, known. Crypto-millionaires who buy Lamborghinis with their crypto-wealth, have made the eye-catching Supercars to a cult icon in the industry. While Lamborghinis were to the stereo types of crypto-millionaire car, meanwhile, can be a variety of vehicles, from cheap sedans to luxury sports cars, with Kryptos bought.

A Japanese luxury car dealership now uses the renowned Exchange BitFlyer to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Customers can pay for your future car in a few minutes with crypto-currency, thus avoiding traditional problems such as paperwork and other complications.

A car owner from Manchester in December 2017, a gold-coloured Rolls-Royce on Autotrader, only with Bitcoin paid. BitCar, which allows people to buy exotic cars like Lambos with crypto currency and to sell, and has applied its platform on the block show in Asia in 2017. Post Oak Motor Cars, owned by billionaire Tilman Fertitta, offers customers the opportunity with Bitcoin and Bitcoin to pay Cash anywhere in the world.

Tuition fees

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus was the first University in the world, which offered the students the opportunity to pay for their education with Bitcoin. The Cumbria University in the UK allows students to pay in 2014, your tuition fees with Bitcoin. Although this payment method is still available, has diminished the popularity of the Option in recent years. The European School of Management and Technology, began in 2017 with the adoption of payments in BTC.

The University of Lucerne for applied Sciences and arts in Switzerland accept payments in Bitcoin and shows “her ability to spread Knowledge about cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain and to gain experience with the practical aspects of this new area”.

Ticket purchase

For some time a wide selection can be purchased at Tickets with Kryptos, the bandwidth of large events ranging up to good old flight tickets.

An American NFL fanatics could buy on an Online platform, for $ 19,000-at the time, the 2.2 BTC, Tickets for the Super Bowl in the first row. That was the first ticket purchase of this type and the platform made special efforts to enable the transaction.

If you have an extensive crypto-assets, you can quench your thirst for travel. CheapAir offers its customers the opportunity to pay their fares with Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Dash, and Litecoin. In addition, the prestigious international travel Agency Destinia also allows for payments with Bitcoin. The platform was for many Bitcoin holders to favorites, because it was one of the first travel agencies, the Bitcoin payments accepted.

Malina, a Russian hotel chain, has recently announced their decision to allow the customer to pay for the services related fees in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

A good sign

Crypto-currency skeptics often bring the Argument that the barrier to entry for the everyday use of digital currencies. The difficulty of crypto to use currency that is actually everyday things like grocery shopping and other regular expenses is at the core of many arguments. To create the despite plan crypto billionaires crypto-cities and Communities in many places around the world to increase the Use of Kryptos.

There were also already taken steps in the right direction. The number of crypto-currency ATMs, which allow people to withdraw cash from the ATM in exchange for crypto, and on the other you can pay with your crypto relatively quickly for Goods grows. According to the Reports, which were released in September of 2018, it is expected that the crypto-ATM market will grow in the next five years, growing exponentially.

These developments show that there is a steadily growing market of consumers, the crypto-currencies compared with traditional means prefer. Cars, real estate, flights to Ticket to the Super Bowl – the introduction of the Cryptocurrency blooms certainly. Now it will be only a matter of time until Kryptos are an indispensable part of our daily life.

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