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Crelan cuts off after a breach of contract Wout van Aert, Belgian-Dutch fusieploeg is there anyway

Crelan backs off as sponsor of the cycling team around Nick Nuyens after the termination of contract of Wout van Aert. Charles is the new main sponsor of the veldritteam and also ensures that the Belgian-Dutch merger with Roompot still can continue. ‘Roompot-Charles Cycling Team’ will be out next year as ProContinentaal cycling team start.

Roompot-Crelan, that would be the Belgian-Dutch fusieploeg in the cycling peloton. But by the resignation of flagship Wout van Aert pull that last are tail in. Crelan remains on board until the end of the year. Then it is over and out, closing them a return in the cycling world. As a sponsor of Wout van Aert?

Charles will be in 2019, the main sponsor of the current veldritteam Crelan – Charles. The quality brand of prepared meals and spreads is also the new naampartner. “Mutual trust is following the recent developments have remained intact”, says in a press release. “We believe in young talent and wants, also in Belgium, this young talent a chance. We let all of these talents are not falling now, there’s one rider indicates not for the team to want to drive.”

Zijlaard new boss: “Attractive and attacking quotes”

The general direction of the new fusieploeg comes with Michael Zijlaard, currently general manager of Roompot Dutch Lottery. “We will use this step to grow further and more involvement in and with Belgium generate,” said Zijlaard.

“We are happy and proud that we have such a plan. The best of both teams is combined and will be a reinforcing factor. Charles is a respected and stable partner. We will further elaborate on our sporting identity, namely, attractive and attacking courses, and to offer opportunities to talented riders. The development of our riders has always been important. We are proud to have a number of talents a huge step, can make with us.”

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