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Charleroi may go back to the top after victory against mak Lokeren

Charleroi has all in all, easily the size taken from Lokeren. The Carolo’s won with 2-1, after a party where Lokeren worry may worry about the delivered game. Charleroi is allowed after the missed competitiestart again to the top look.

The match between Charleroi and Lokeren, there was one between two teams that have their start largely had missed: 8/24 for Charleroi is too little for a team that Play-off 1 aspires, while also Lokeren with 5/24 anything but good started. At Lokeren loved Peter Maes José Cevloallos and Lukas Marecek in the bank for the benefit of Skulason and Terki, while at Charleroi Hendrickx and Niane the geschorsten Ilaimaharitra and Perbet replaced.

Zero shots

The game started flashing: Ben-Harush had after 33 seconds pull out all the stops to Bruno of the opening goal. A promising start, then you think, but nothing was less true. A yawn followed. An elongated, 44 minutes. Both teams showed attacking’t see anything: Lokeren kicked off for rest, not even between the posts, Charleroi three times. All we have to be honest, shots could you not even mention. Lokeren tried to play football, but with Terki on the society that does not really. Charleroi played back from the organization and kegelde the long balls in the direction of Osimhen and Niane, but Deschacht cleared up everything. In this kind of match can Deschacht still feel free to five seasons.

Luckily there was during the rest a bit more excitement: as a newlywed couple their wedding photos on the field let take. Hopefully it was the evening party afterwards is better than that first 45 minutes of football.

Sharp counters

But look, the second half started immediately better. Benavente saw a vrijetrap still in the wall end up, but moments later he scored anyway. Niane kicked on purpose, FIlipovic stepped almost into their own goal and in the strife tapped the Peruvian simple.

The explosion, however, was of short duration: Charleroi leaned backwards and lay on the counter with Niane and Osimhen, and Lokeren tried but was not even in the neighborhood of Penneteau. Especially Hupperts showed himself as an exponent of the ” Lokerse malaise, the Dutchman played really not his best match.

On one of those counters was still touch for Charleroi 2-0 by Niane, the angle for the pick. Lokeren had now come, and, see, the lap even on purpose. Tirpan beat Penneteau in his short angle – the Frenchman had no shot, and that he could have seen the spelbeeld difficult to blame and it was 2-1. But it was Lokeren not more, the Waaslanders share the penultimate place with Zulte Waregem.

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