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Big News: Swiss Bank wants to carry out ICO on the Ethereum Blockchain

Big News: Swiss Bank wants to carry out ICO on the Ethereum Blockchain

Home News Big News: Swiss Bank wants to ICO on the Ethereum Blockchain to perform

Marcel Knobloch –

The adaptation of crypto currencies is a major responsibility to increase the confidence in the technology and the new world of digitatalen currencies. In Switzerland, a Bank has announced an Initial Coin Offering on the Ethereum Blockchain to perform in order to sell their own Coin.

One of the larger, regulated banks in Switzerland, Dukascopy Bank, announced two days ago that you want to run an ICO on the Ethereum Blockchain. Currently, the Bank is still waiting for the approval by the Swiss financial market Supervisory authority, in order to meet the legal requirements of an ICO and to get to afterwards, no problems.

The Bank wants to spend 20 billion Dukascoins, in order to expand their mobile Banking and expand. Each customer signs up for a mobile account and / or for the use of the Banking App “Connect 911 Messenger”, should receive as a reward 5 Dukascoins free.

Customers of the Bank can transfer this Token is then free within the Ecosystem. The Bank will continue to think about it, a kind of “marketplace” set up on the Dukascoins for the purchase and sale can be offered.

Furthermore, Dukascopy will offer a depot service for Dukascoins. The Dukascopy shared coins are paid out to a MCA-Depot (free). The MCA-Depot is always associated with the MCA-account of the customer. Dukascopy allows the customer to transfer Dukascoins on Deposit accounts free of charge.

The time horizon for the project will be 3 months, subject to regulatory approval. The Bank has made the white paper, as well as all technical specifications completely finished, so that the product is already developed.

Dukascopy goes on to state that a Stable, like e.g. Tether, a hook, to bear the name “Dukasnotes”. This is still to be determined, to which the Fiat currency of this crypto-currency based, but it is obvious that this will be the Swiss franc.

Due to a limited amount of available Tokens and long-term growth of the Dukascoins to increase also in the value and not only as a means of payment, but also as an object of speculation (freely translated):

Dukascoins are designed as a crypto-currency created in limited quantities, to serve both as a means of payment, as well as Speculation. It is expected that Dukascoins will win due to the limited supply of value.

Its original purpose is to reward new customers with a promotional plan that aims to spread the Dukascopy Connect 911-Messenger and the associated mobile accounts Dukascopy on a large scale.

The Bank employs more than 300 employees and operates offices in Riga, Kiev, Moscow, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Tokyo. This example shows again that the Blockchain technology is an opportunity with great potential for companies, capital is to collect.

We are excited to see if and when the authorities give the green light, and how the further development of this project will continue to progress toward.

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