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Belgian Cats will stay behind with a double feeling, but get praise from American uitblinkster

The Belgian women may with satisfaction look back on their lost semi-final against the United States (77-93) at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS of basketball in Tenerife. The Cats held a thirty-minute pace with Team USA.

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Belgium lost the game in the slot against a determined and physically stronger opponent. Emma Meesseman (13 pts) was again very strong for the Cats and showed to be equivalent to its American colleagues in the WNBA. “I am very proud of the team”, she responded afterwards. “Today We played well and, except at the end of the third quarter, we have the United States very difficult. We also learn lot in this match. The fact that we are here today to show the US shows that there are still good years ahead.”

Diana Taurasi: “When you make a mistake, punish it.”

On the American side, was Diana Taurasi everywhere, with 26 points. However, in the first quarter by the Cats strong on her behalf. “It is a difficult team to play against”, explained Taurasi, ploegmate of Emma Meesseman in russia’s Ekaterinburg, after the duel. “You see that they all long to play together. When you make a mistake, punish it. They have for a large part of the party very strongly played.”

Julie Allemand: “Had America would like something harder”

Julie Allemand provided again twelve assists – after her record number of thirteen on Friday – but left after know they the United States would like something more difficult.

“We sit until the end of the third quarter in the party before physical crack”, opened Allemand honest. “I would have liked even longer for the victory fought. Now, they were at the end of the duel easily, but also because our coach has already changed in function of the consolation class. The most frustrating thing is that the American women under all circumstances remain calm, even if they are behind. They knew only too well that we could against the wall and went to walk away. Taurasi, for example, opened her party is weak, but in the second half not to stop.”

Allemand, who assistenklassement on this world cup with an average of 8,2 decisive passes, arguing, left the site, nevertheless with a good feeling. “Because we have shown that we American women could resist. I’m going to finish this tournament happy, but it’s also a little bit disappointed.”

In the consolation class wait for Sunday (at 18: 30) the loser of the other semi-final, between host country Spain and Australia. “In terms of fatigue, this is still along,” decided Allemand. “I hope to Australia, Spain put always a lot of pressure. Australia plays in a similar way as the United States. Without a doubt, we are going to do everything that medal.”World cup basketball (v) – Kim Mestdagh and Julie Vanloo are satisfied with the performance of Cats against United States

Kim Mestdagh and Julie Vanloo are satisfied with performance

“For thirty minutes we have shown our foot in addition to the US, still the powerhouse in basketball”, opened Julie Vanloo (8 pts). “We have them not in their game and themselves to a high level. We can be happy. Maybe we believed today – not like against France – for the full one hundred percent in our chances. After the emotions of that victory was not easy for us to re-concenctreren. Now we have that button, however, immediately turn around and tomorrow go in search of that medal, which we certainly deserve.”

Kim Mestdagh (12 points) came to the same conclusions after the party. “We have a very nice first half of the show,” says the daughter of the coach. “Later it became more difficult. The American girls started to score with triples and their danger came really from everywhere. It was too hard for us to defend, because their offensive game is almost perfectly true. Now we are full for that bronze medal. After a tough tournament, some players get tired and the freshness a little. But we are going Sunday one last time, giving everything.”

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