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Belgian Cats should be at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS basketball only in the second half the head bow for the top favourites Team USA

No final at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tenerife for the Belgian Cats. The Cats shone in the first half (39-40)against the American Dream Team. In the second half, America was physically boss and expressed through stars such as Diana Taurasi, the 2m03 great Brittney Griner and Breanna Stewart on to a clear victory. Sunday camps the Belgian Cats in the small final against the loser of the second semi-final Spain-Australia for the bronze medal.

That Ann Wauters is a living legend in the world of basketball, with many years in the WNBA on her counter, it was after the anthems again put in the paint. Wauters exchanged as captain to the flag with WNBA legend Sue Bird. Several other American players, including the best player ever Diana Taurasia, embraced Ann Wauters for the start of the first semi-final of the world cup in Tenerife.

A sparkling start

The Belgian Cats names San Cristobal de la Laguna is also a dazzling start. Julie Allemand with a bomb and a highly efficient Emma Meesseman went on to a 7-2 Belgian bonus. Kim Mestdagh was back on the event, and Emma Meesseman produced a stunning first quarter. The Cats boast a 9-14 deficit to within 16-14. Julie Vanloo dropped two triples, Kyara Linskens scored 13 points, Emma Meesseman went after the first quarter for a 26-21 Belgian bonus.

One tip to the rest

Via Diana Taurasi came to America at 26-27 again in the lead. The Cats did not want to depart, remained disciplined defending and after a bomb from Antonia Delaere was actually a Belgian bonus: 31-27. Breanna Stewart and Elena Della Donne scored for Team USA, but also the Cats did by Hanne Mestdagh and Kyara Linskens: 38-38. Through vrijworpen of Diana Taurasi pulled Team USA nevertheless the rest in with a 39-40 bonusje.

Dip in third quarter

In the third quarter seemed to be America is already a little sore to be able to store, thanks to a strong Diana Taurasi those triples scored.

Kim Mestdagh and Kyara Linskens responded, and the Cats were left after 46-46 to 52-52 in the wake of America. Team USA pressed further and also Brittney Griner and Breanna Stewart went quickly to 53-63. The Belgians fell silent, all made Marjorie Carpréaux a spectacular basket, and after three quarters flickered a 57-73 Us lead on the scoreboard.

Kim Mestdagh and Antonia Delaere began dropping bombs in the slotkwart but America remained offensive by different players shine: 65-79. The Cats were brought another spectacle, but the American machine was inexorable, and at 67-87 was the twenties, a fact. Coach Philip Mestedagh gave Emma Meesseman rest. A small Belgian remonte (73-87) made for the mood in the room, but Breanna Stewart and co. gave, however, no shrinkage. The Cats were given from the audience a standing ovation and lost, ultimately, 77-93.

Belgium-America 77-93

Quartz: 26-21, 13-19, 18-33, 20-20

Tomorrow bronze?

The Belgian basketbalvrouwen stuntten earlier in this world cup against Spain and France. In their first world cup-participation to fight the Cats immediately go for bronze, that is in itself an unexpected result.

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