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Antwerp continues to play soccer in (modernised) Season

Football club royal Antwerp remains the star of the Team and the whole stadium, let it refresh, club president Paul Gheysens and mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA) Saturday announced. The stadium should gezinsvriendelijker and more secure, and in addition the capacity is significantly expanded.

Under the impetus of Gheysens, owner of construction company Ghelamco, was the star of the Team last year a brand new main stand, which 3.257 places are more important than the old grandstand. Gheysens now wants the rest of the stadium a thorough make-over. There are three new, full-fledged stands.

In stand 4, which, as familietribune is furnished, comes a new complex for the youth. ‘Talent to create, you have a good infrastructure, ” says Gheysens. Mayor De Wever prides itself on being the new youth centre for many young people a big difference it will make in their life.

By the works is the capacity of the stadium expanded to 23,000 for places. The corners are closed, giving the Team a full ” tub ” will possess. ‘By the closed roof the sound will be in the cockpit remain. The lighting is done from the inside out. The sound and light pollution for the neighbourhood will therefore significantly reduce, ” says Gheysens.

Bicycle and public transport

Furthermore, it is also the traffic around the stadium addressed. Supporters will be encouraged to cycle, with 70 percent of them within a radius of 7.5 kilometres to the Season. Therefore, additional racks and lockers are provided. Also the use of public transport more attractive, there are interviews with The Line scheduled.

The revamped Team is, finally, safer. Gheysens wants to be a network of cameras with face recognition installed already, there should therefore first be discussed with the police and the Commission for the protection of personal privacy.

The Weaver will also megastadion

If everything goes according to plan, then it would be the new stadium there next year. ‘I foresee no major problems in terms of licences’, said mayor Weaver.

Or the new Season the need for a big, new stadium raises? “No, Antwerp has a multi function stadioninfrastructuur with a capacity of 40,000 to 50,000 places,” says The Weaver. “But there will still be a lot of water by the Scheldt, to flow, before that stadium there is. Therefore, a renewed Attack more than welcome.”

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