Zita Wauters in What A Year with dad, Koen

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Welcome to 2004! The year in which the life of Koen Wauters torrent was thrown. Suddenly there were not one, but two women in his life. Daughter Zita Wauters joined the family, Wauters. ’t Is with much pride and swagger that Zita Wauters, the show started kicks in ” What a Year! 2004’.

The tsunami in the Indian Ocean dominated the news at the end of 2004. Also the re-election of American president George Bush jr. gets the headlines. Everybody has the mouth full of the sekstape of Paris Hilton, all of dares almost no one to admit that he really has seen. And on Channel 2 adorn the trampolinebabes at night the tv screen.

2004 is also the year that Natalia final Flanders conquers and Cat Kerkhofs the heart of Red Devil Dries Mertens. Natalia is experimenting with some bold podiumoutfits and Cat Kerkhofs is a Marina in the heart and kidneys and she is now still very proud of it.
Nathalie in 2004 her debut on national television in Kaat & co. Jonas is still in school, but can already notice in some of the guest appearances. Including one as rijkeluiszoontje in The Kotmadam. The atmosphere is direct all ‘boenk’, such as Natalia would say and the Smirnoff Ice that Koen and his guests fun, runs smoothly.

Who is the largest Friends-connoisseur? What has Nelly Furtado with football? Which designer designs for the first time for H&M? And why bike Tom Boonen with a yellow band around in the peloton? In This, you Know Not to try the teams each other’s knowledge about 2004 as well as possible to estimate.

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