’Tsunami in Indonesia”

f3b4c64849ea61dbe43edf56fb223b99 - ’Tsunami in Indonesia"

AMSTERDAM – Update 15.35 – The geographical institute of Indonesia has confirmed that a tsunami hit the country has taken. Social media is circulating videos of the event, of which the authenticity has not yet been confirmed. Also on the local tv pictures are shown, reports news agency AP.

The earthquake hit Sulawesi already hard, but a tsunami would have much more impact.

On a video, the authenticity of which has not been confirmed, is to see how a flood, a town on Sulawesi.

After two powerful earthquakes on the island of Sulawesi, which has a strength of 7.5, was a tsunamialarm given. That would be later withdrawn. The earthquake made already for at least one, but probably more dead and several injured.

By a series of earthquakes fell from the previous month, almost five hundred dead on the holiday island of Lombok, a few hundred miles southwest of Sulawesi.

The images below are circulating.

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