The pop music festival lost new names and makes theme 2019 known

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Who at the end of march to The Schlagerfestival 2019, in de Hasseltse Ethias Arena, will eyes fail, because in the decor and on the giant LED screens is a gigantic funfair to life, including bumper cars, roller coasters and merry-go-rounds. For the first time in the 14-year anniversary of the festival, the organizers for the theme. “The pop festival is just like the carnival experience for young and old. We play in the warm atmosphere of coziness and ambiance by also to pay increased attention to the decoration in the foyer and hall. Also for our artists is something unique, because their performances sucked in the extra blissful atmosphere of fun that the fair brings with it.” Lode Vereecke (PSE, Belgium)

With Laura Lynn, Lindsay, Willy Sommers, John Terra and Luc Steeno were the first names of The pop music festival 2019 already been announced. The organisation adds that with the launch of the fairground theme also three vibrant artists to the line-up: Yves Segers, The Romeo’s and none other than Father Abraham. Father Abraham is still the musical father of The Smurfs, because thanks to his Smurfenlied were the blue dolls world famous. The discoverer of Mieke and many other artists scored not only monsterhits with The Smurfs, ‘t kleine café aan de haven went millions of times over-the-counter. “’Where are those hands?’ and ‘A little bit gay (that’s okay)’ are, like ‘Café ‘ The Swan’ and ‘I will scream it from the rooftops’ tracks that often run on the fairground, so I asked at the feasts of the fairground entertainers and vendors,” says Yves Segers. “I look forward to my songs to bring on The Schlagerfestival in Hasselt.” They are extremely popular, be carried on hands by The pop music festival-public and scored together with Laura Lynn ‘To the fair’, their first Dutch number one hit. The account was quickly made to The Romeo’s return to The pop festival. This year celebrate Chris, Gunther and Jack their 15-year anniversary and that feestgeweld they bring to Hasselt in 2019.

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