Rose McGowan offers Asia Argento apologies to

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Rose McGowan

In her statement at the end of August, expressing Rose her disgust about the behaviour of Asia, which is accused to have sex with a 17-year-old boy when she herself was 37. In her statement, she made known that her partner Rain Dove was that text message from Asia with the police had shared. Therein gave the Italian that they are, indeed, intimate, had been with the boy, while they publicly denied.

Rose claimed in the open letter that Asia already sexualized messages of the boy was since he was twelve years old, and they were never his parents or others had been informed. That turned out to be not true. “I have messages that Rain Dove of Asia has been misunderstood. Now it is clear to me that the inappropriate text messages only occurred when he was 17. That is still minor in California, but a different story than a 12-year-old.” said the actress, who added: “I regret to say that I my error not previously have been corrected and offer Asia my apologies.”

Her Italian vakgenoot responded quickly, also on Twitter. “Even though I Rose thank you for her apology for her unfounded accusations, I had my work on X-Factor can maintain and I was spared of constant allegations of pedophilia, as they had done before.” Then she shared a sneer at Rose. “Well, ok, you go live a life and to stop other people hurting, please, Rose. I wish you the best.”

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