Merkel and Erdogan organize a conference on Syria

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Germany will be in October to participate in an international conference on Syria, along with Russia, Turkey and France. That has the German chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday at a joint press conference in Berlin on the occasion of the state visit of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“The international summit will focus on the critical situation in the rebellenvesting Idlb,” said Merkel. The German chancellor said also that there is still ‘big differences’ between Germany and Turkey. They referred to the problematic situation of press freedom and human rights in Turkey, but they also had common interests with that country.

“There is a lot of what unites us,” said Merkel, referring to the partnership within Nato, the approach of the migration and the fight against terrorism. She praised Turkey for its efforts to more than three million refugees to resettling.

The Turkish president was clearly out on more economic cooperation with Germany. Erdogan said that Turkey had enough power to possible threats of its economy to stave off.

Man from room set

Erdogan asked, moreover, respect for the Turkish justice after the German criticism of the imprisonment of opponents of the Turkish regime. But Erdogan, in his speech about the common interests with Germany. He referred to the unanimous attitude to the economic sanctions of the USA and the war in Syria. “I’m happy with the German aid”, said Erdogan. ‘Germany is well I stepped in the capture of more than three million refugees from Syria in Turkey.’

During the press conference, there was an incident: a man was, for the lenses of the rotating cameras, from the audience. The reason and circumstances were not immediately clear. The incident elicited a smile from the Turkish president.

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