Many events cancelled for stormy weather

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THE HAGUE – At many places in the country are outdoor events are cancelled. Reason is the rollicking start of the autumn with strong wind and sometimes a lot of rain.

Foodfestival Djemaa el Fna is Friday.

So is Rotterdam’s culinary festival Djemaa el Fna in the Museum Friday night. Fierce gusts of wind blew in the morning, the tents and stalls down. The organization of the festival concludes Friday afternoon or the festival Saturday and Sunday can go.

The paratroopers that Friday on the Ginkel Heath practice jumps would run to the ground. Because of the wind this activity is deleted. Also dropping on the Renkumse Heide is cancelled. It is not yet clear whether the paradropping on the Ginkel Heath near Ede Saturday, will continue.

The musical spectacle SimmerTime in Dokkum is also not by. The large circus tent that is necessary, by the hard wind will not be built and also the weather conditions during the event are not good, or uncertain.

In Blaricum is the Day of the Workhorse of the agenda. The Boerendag would Sunday be kept, but the scenery and houses had to be built, it is expected bad weather, not survive.

Vaarevenement Harlingen Ongeschut going Saturday. If reason gives the organization the expected bad weather and high water level at the Wadden sea. During the event, boating hundreds of boats through the canals and ports of the city, while on the quays bands play.

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