Kanye West: ’There were but 800 slaves’

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Kanye West

The two garments constitute quite a contrast. Make America Great Again is the slogan of president Donald Trump, who himself during his campaign, often the same type of hat wore. Colin Kaepernick is the footballspeler who refused to stand during the national anthem, an action which under other Trump heavily criticized.

Kanye did during his visit a number of controversial statements. He said that he would rather have had that the of sexual misconduct accused comedian Louis C. K. the presenter had been the episode of Saturday Night Live in which he this weekend occurs, instead of actor Adam Driver. Also, he stated that if he had been a slave, he had fled, fought, or was killed, ” and suggested that there are around 1800 only about 800 slaves in the US were. The Fader corrects it on the site of the leaf, where it indicates that that number of around 3.9 million.

As often as he, with remarkable initiatives such as this comes, there will come soon new music from the rapper. He made Thursday announced that album Yandhi Saturday his release to the fullest. Kanye stated that the plate probably behind that of Lil Wayne ends up in the charts, but that is the husband of Kim Kardashian just fine. “The universe has at the same time, Ye and Wayne-music.”

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