Italy mourns death of playboy Maurizio

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Rome – Italy is in mourning for the death of the 63-year-old Maurizio Zanfanti. The king of the playboys, as his nickname goes, attracted 6,000 women, mainly from Northern European countries in his bed.

Maurizio Zanfanti slept with at least 6,000 women and kept the score well in

Zanzara the mosquito, says that he ” more promotion has made for the Adriatic coast than 100 toerismebureaus together’.

Maurizio died in the harness. He died after a heart attack in the arms of an Eastern European girl of 23.

Three things

Zanfanti focused to say always, but on three things in life: women, women and women.

The first conquest had he been on his twelfth. He then worked in bars along the Italian coast, the Spanish Lloret de Mar and spent his last years in the Italian Rimini.

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The casanova who just 1.71 metres in size, was not picky when it comes to the places where he has sex. On the beach, in the car, in the toilet, it made the mug all is not.

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In some horecabaantje was he was quickly dismissed. If ’prop’ at discos, he was just a little too often for that to the girls directly with him in the suitcase and dived.

Maurizio Zanfanti died in the harness with a 23-year-old woman.

Maurizio kept in a notebook with how many conquests he made that season had had. Per season, on average, 150 to 170, with an all time high of 207.

Apparently he fell so in the taste that women are their girlfriends the next year on him afstuurden.

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His tactic: “Let women be always the first move. To be sincere, charming and courteous. Always be discreet. Each of them should you kind in your heart close. And of women with a wedding ring keep you.”

In 1986, crowned the Italian newspaper L’Espresso him to be ” the most successful lover of Italy’. To the press showed he likes his boxes full of fan mail: love letters to his girlfriends one night to send to him.

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Nine women have a more tangible memorial to him: a child. Remained single he dropped nine starlets on his arm tattoos, one for each of his children.

Zanfanti was during the aidstijdsperk a bit more cautious. He always wore a (ca) from two doctors stating that he the disease had not. The paper was standard in his wallet.

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On his 59th he retired. “Sex for me was like an addiction,” he said to German media at the time. “But now I am really old.” He told me that he even his chest hair bijkleurde to. The mosquito wanted in Rimini calmed down somewhat.

Last Wednesday was a last woman of his literal femme fatale. According to RiminiToday found paramedics, the dying Zanza in the house. An Eastern-European girl of 23 was him too much.

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