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“I pushed Ronaldo away. When he jumped on me’

An American woman accuses football star Cristiano Ronaldo sure to have her raped. In Der Spiegel she brings her story to the outside. A statement from Ronaldo confirms partly on her side of the story.

It is a legal battle between unequal parties: on the one hand Cristiano Ronaldo, 33, voetbalwereldster. On the other hand Kathryn Mayorga, 34, a blank slate from Las Vegas. One time crossed their paths: on June 12, 2009 in a nightclub, and then in the apartment 57306 of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

The German weekly Der Spiegel reported last year that Mayorga the footballer blamed her in the penthouse apartment have been raped. Although the footballer …

It is a legal battle between unequal parties: on the one hand Cristiano Ronaldo, 33, voetbalwereldster. On the other hand Kathryn Mayorga, 34, a blank slate from Las Vegas. One time crossed their paths: on June 12, 2009 in a nightclub, and then in the apartment 57306 of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

The German weekly Der Spiegel reported last year that Mayorga the footballer blamed her in the penthouse apartment have been raped. Although the footballer denies everything and says that it is sex by mutual consent went, came months later to a settlement between the lawyers of Mayorga and Ronaldo. He paid the woman the 375,000 dollar (324.000 euros). In exchange, gave the alleged victim a written guarantee that they are never about the accusations would speak.

To that promise, she wants to today, nine years later, not more. To Der Spiegel, she explains why she, the silence breaks. She also describes how Ronaldo got to know how he would have her raped, how the settlement is and how they are to today suffers the consequences of that one night in June 2009. “I am never ceased to be him and myself to complain. Him for what he has done, and myself for that agreement, have signed.’

Mayorga is now coming out with her story because her new lawyer, Leslie Mark Stovall, a complaint against Ronaldo submitted.

For months has Stovall, 65, of the case studied. “Our complaint is aimed at the settlement and the zwijgcontract annulled,” says Stovall. ‘Kathryn was not able to have such a contract to sign because of the psychological damage that the abuse has occurred. Therefore, the contract is voidable.’

According to Stovall would be the lawyers of Ronaldo to be aware of the mental condition of his client. ‘That they have for their purposes.’ The unstable condition of Mayorga is also addressed in the e-mails of the lawyers of Ronaldo.

In april this year examined a forensic psychiatrist Kathryn Mayorga at the request of Stovall. The professor noted that the woman suffers from post-traumatic stress and depression as a direct and exclusive result of the sexual violence by Mr. Ronaldo’.


The night of the alleged rape begins in the VIP section of the nightclub, Rain, at the Palms Casino Resort. Ronaldo is on holiday with his brother-in-law and his cousin. It was the summer in which Ronaldo for the (then) recordtransferbedrag of 94 million euros from Manchester United to Real Madrid went.

Kathryn Mayorga is that evening out with a friend, she says to Der Spiegel. Touch someone, suddenly her arm to: Ronaldo. “He said something like this: you, come with me.”

Ronaldo would have her laughed at because they are not immediately followed, she says. Then he would make her a drink, have met and her entourage have suggested. They talked some and then he would have her phone number have asked. “I’ve been given, then he went away. I thought: okay, cool.’

Later sent Ronaldo her a text message, says Mayorga. The woman, her girlfriend, Ronaldo and his group met in the lobby of the Palms, after which they together to the apartment of Ronaldo will be gone. Some would in the jacuzzi to go. Ronaldo offered her togs on, says Mayorga.

Mayorga says that they then go to a bathroom and went to dress. When she was only in shorts wore, came Ronaldo suddenly, with his sex from his pants. “He stood next to me and wanted me to be his penis would touch. He has pleaded with me: it’s just for 30 seconds! I said no. Then he said that I put it in the mouth had to take. What an idiot! I laughed and thought: this is a joke. This guy is so famous and he looks so good, but he is a freak.’

Ronaldo would not have left. At one point he said something like this: I let you go if you give me a kiss. And I said: okay. I’d kiss you, but I touch you.’

Kathryn Mayorga ensures that she has only kissed and never been touched. But the kiss could only be him still hitsiger have made. “He has me everywhere I touched, also under and he wanted me anywhere pillow. I have asked him of me pushed away and again no said.’

According to Mayorga gave Ronaldo, and he pulled her to a bedroom. “I’ve got him pushed away. He has tried my underwear to pull out. I have me in a ball curled up and tried with both hands in my vagina to protect. Then he was on me jumped.’ She says she ‘no, no, no,’ cried. But Ronaldo would her butt have been raped, claims Kathryn Mayorga. Without a condom, without lubricant.


The following day, Mayorga to the police and let them located in the University Medical Center to investigate. The case was a reference that later in the settlement between Mayorga and Ronaldo pops up. When the police is silent Mayorga about the identity of the man who would have her raped.

She is advised by her lawyer. That encourages her to not to come out with the story. But Mayorga wanted to also not let it for what it is: “I wanted to give him a lesson. And I wanted him to be the therapies would pay which I was sure that I would need. Never have I wanted to enrich. But I wanted his eyes to be able to look and say what he did to me.’

From documents that the klokkenluidersplatform Football Leaks has passed on to Der Spiegel, shows that Mayorga’s then solicitor in July 2009 sought contact with a lawyer than cristiano Ronaldo. In the following months kept a whole team of lawyers deals with the allegations. They propose a series of a hundred questions for Ronaldo, his brother-in-law and his cousin.

In that document will get Ronaldo the alias ” X. ” Kathryn Mayorga is ‘Ms. C’.

There are multiple versions of the questionnaire. The questions remain similar, but the answers are not. In a version of december 2009 has Ronaldo the about sex with mutual consent. He also says that he has no signals, write that they did not agree with sex, or that they are in retrospect bad felt.

But there is another, older version of the questionnaire. The Standard has that document also will be able to view. That questionnaire was in september 2009 sent by e-mail. The sender is a lawyer from the office of Carlos Osório de Castro, a confidant of Ronaldo. The recipients of the e-mail were Osório de Castro and other colleagues.

‘No, no, no’

On the question of whether Ms. C (Mayorga, ed.) her voice would have raised, shouted, or called, answer X (Ronaldo, eds.):

“She has repeatedly no and stop said.’ She would be on her side. “I penetrated her from behind. It was a brutal affair. We have the position is not changed. 5/7 minutes. She said that she wanted to, but she has available.” And further: “She has always again no said. “Don’t do it. I’m not like the others.” Afterwards I have me excused.’ But she would not cried or shouted.

Question: Has Ms. C there’s something about said the sex to brutal for her would have been? X: “She has not complained that it is too brutal. She has it complained that I forced. They said not that they are to the police would steps.”

Ronaldo confirms so in that version of the questionnaire that Mayorga repeatedly no said. And he has afterwards with her apologies. Contradictions are, among others, around the question of whether Kathryn Mayorga him with the hand would have been satisfied. He says it is. She says no.

He also describes a foreplay in the bathroom. Also, the earlier encounter in the nightclub, he describes otherwise than she does: the women would about have asked to be in the VIP section, and since many have drunk. Telephone numbers, there would not have been exchanged. Ronaldo would be the women already in the club have been invited to his hotel.

Kathryn Mayorga, reminds the group of friends of Ronaldo himself, would also not disordered are portrayed later, when they out of the room.

‘Police prevented’

The testimony of Ronaldo in front of his lawyers is an important piece of evidence for Stovall, the new lawyer of Mayorga. The settlement, which both parties at the time of locks, would, according to him, the purpose of the police investigation to obstruct. That’s not allowed. It is indisputable that everyone has the right to defend themselves against allegations. But there is a red line: a crime want to hide is also a crime.’

Kathryn Mayhorga has her job because they now say all her powers will be needed. She lives in hiding and wants to be unattainable.

Also Ronaldo was unreachable. In the past year and a half has Dthere Mirror him several times offered the opportunity to have his version of the events of 2009. All attempts led to nothing. “Any news about this would not be legal,” reported a lawyer from Ronaldo.

The police has over the last few weeks on several occasions been in contact with Kathryn Mayorga and her re-questioned. In Nevada, shall become statute-barred sexual violence is never the time by the police was documented.

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