Frans Bauer: Koos Alberts was a hero

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“A special man is not more”, according to Frans Duijts. “An example for many people.” Mick Harren: “Chose, for always in my heart! Proud that I have an album you have at home may record,” he says. “After Hazes a great icon is lost!”

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Koos Alberts gave earlier this year during Toppers in Concert his last big gig. “68.000 visitors were heard, and feel how his hits are rooted in the Dutch society”, in a joint message from The Top. “Chose, thank you! R. I. P.” Jeroen van der Boom adds on his own page: “Rest in peace dear Chose! You always said You’re good boy. Thanks for that.”


Veronica-dj Giel Beelen calls Koos”, one of the sweetest people in the Dutch music scene.” “Never forget that once at the Lowlands festival,” he recalls. “Thoughts are with Joan and the rest of the family and next of kin.”

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Former presenter Henny Huisman has good memories to Chose. “In my head is immediately big hit, I tore up your picture. What a sadness for his Joke and the kids, big and small. What a go-getter was this dear man.”

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