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Coinbase: a New System for the listing of tokens

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Coinbase currencies new Listing rules for Crypto. The American stock exchange, on the you can trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin, and want to continue to offer a legally compliant System. Thus, the listing of new Assets will differ depending on the jurisdiction.

Coinbase currently lists the crypto currencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. In the future it will be, however, considerably more. In order to legal difficulties, the crypto stock exchange is currently working on a new System for listing new Assets. This new System will in the future decide case by case whether the new Asset is listed, depending on which legal jurisdiction the applicant:

“This means that some of the new Assets on the platform only for customers in selected jurisdictions.”

so Coinbase in their announcement.

As the market for crypto-currencies also announces that it will give to the beginning of the fee for the registration of new Assets. In any case, the stock market promises a quick response to any customer requests to new requests.

Coinbase makes high demands

Assets that want to be listed on Coinbase, you must meet a number of requirements. So you need to be, for example, on decentralization and “economic freedom” designed. The Code must also be open and accessible, there must be a functioning prototype. Also, the Team, the form of government and the scalability are the points that you have to execute in an application for listing.

Finally, and this is the rotation – focal point of the new system – comes under point three of the question:

“May Coinbase to offer this Asset is legal in the US?”

Here you must confirm both that the Asset is not classified as a Security, as well as that it complies with the respective legal regulations. In short: it is necessary To check the competence and the relevant policies before applying for a listing with Coinbase.

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