Youtube-phenomenon dodie coming to our country

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From Youtube to live on the stage, it happens more and more often, also with dodie. On Sunday, February 10, she comes for the second time to Belgium. This time she comes up with her quirky and catchy songs to The Roma in Antwerp.
The British Dorothy Miranda “dodie” Clark began her career in her bedroom where she songs covered using a ukulele. Organically grew her fanbasis to well over 1.7 million subscribers and were her 154 videos -a combination of original material and covers on piano and ukulele – over 166 million views. On her vlog (‘doddlevloggle’), she keeps a virtual diary and on her VEVO channel (‘dodieVEVO’) to be her professional music videos eagerly viewed.
dodie is very open and committed to her audience. She shares her personal life in an explicit way with the outside world. She talked about her experiences with mental health issues, bisexuality and the undergo of bullying. In november 2017, she brought about the book ‘Secrets for the Mad Obsessions, Confessions and Life Lessons.”
dodie released already two EP’s: ‘Intertwined’ (2016) and ‘You’ (2017) that scored high on Spotify and the UK, US Billboard, and Australian album Charts. Today she introduces her latest single ‘HUMAN’.
A fine example of real musical talent through YouTube, the road to the big stage has been found! Tickets will be on sale from Friday 28 september at 10am via

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