Weather record for Soldier of Orange

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The record of the longest-running show in the history of the Netherlands broke the musical in 2013; the record stood until then in the name of The Phantom of The Opera. At the end of October, Soldier of Orange for eight years continuously sold out audiences drawn.

In total, twenty actors, the role of Hazelhoff Roelfzema is played; the ’head-Erik’ is at this time Valentine Benard. The 2500 performances lasted together more than 7000 hours. The iconic turntable in which the audience sits in total since the premiere in 2010, more than 5000 miles, which is equivalent to 26.000 rounds.

The opening scene of the show takes place in studentensociëteit Minerva, where Hazelhoff Roelfzema for the war was a member. On the wall of the backdrop of Minerva are almost a thousand names of special visitors, ranging from Karin Hazelhoff Roelfzema, the widow of Erik, king Willem-Alexander.

The performance is in any case to see to the end of december and is extended as long as ticket sales remain good, according to the producers. Visitors Thursday night in the musical present, after a special jubileummok with fries. This is now a tradition in the theatre when a milestone is reached.

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