Unrest at stadium of FC Groningen

7804a2123ddc6265c82de6a8b1910bee - Unrest at stadium of FC Groningen

The fans of FC Groningen gathered in front of the main entrance.

A group of angry fans wanted after the duel with FC Twente (0-2) via the main entrance to the stadium ingress. The police on horseback had a few batches run. After three quarters of an hour, it was again quiet around the stadium.

The supporters see the general director Hans Nijland as the culprit of the current malaise and shouted for his departure. “Nijland rot,” she said.

FC Groningen after six duels on the last place in the Eredivisie and is located after the first round, so also from the cup.

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“We had received signals that the restless would be a defeat”, says technical manager Ron Jans. “We are willing to talk with our supporters, but, that’s not only screaming and yelling.”

Players are advised to be in the stadium to remain, reports RTV Noord.

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