Trailer second ‘Fantastic Beasts’film gives secret price

2462c0c3f69bb87dd98122c9340d8e9c - Trailer second 'Fantastic Beasts'film gives secret price

We will soon be offering ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes, or Grindelwald in the halls, the second film in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’series. This series of wormt a prequel to the popular Harry Potter movies and books. Warner Bros now has a new trailer released, which has taken a lot of action to see and, moreover, a well-kept secret is revealed.

The new images give a langbewaard secret exposed. As it turns out Power, the snake of Voldemort, is actually a woman. J. K. Rowling, the script of the series wrote, gives more explanation on Twitter. It would go to a so-called ‘maledictus’: a woman born with a curse that her permanently into a beast changes. The writer kept this secret to own say 20 years hidden.

‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes or Grindelwald’, with Johnny Depp in the title role, is released on 16 november in the American halls. The Belgian release date is not yet confirmed.

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