“This is very unfortunate, for the UEFA and the football.”

8b9485d854336131e4ffbcdeffc4a3de - "This is very unfortunate, for the UEFA and the football."

Not Turkey but Germany may be the european football CHAMPIONSHIP in 2024 organizing.

“This is very unfortunate, for the UEFA and the football. We were ready for it.” Of a defeat he did not speak. “We have been very strongly presented and are now as a country enriched with beautiful new stadiums. That is a win.”

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Politician Mustafa Yeneroglu, with a German/Turkish background, also had mixed feelings. “It is very unfortunate that the us, again, not successful this event is. After three unsuccessful attempts, we had perhaps earned. Turkey is a beautiful country to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. But I would like to congratulate Germany, congratulations with this success.”

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