Sylvie Meis: ‘Everything in my life is analysed’

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Sylvie Meis: ‘Everything in my life is analysed’


September 27, 2018 10:04
27-09-18 10:04

Sylvie Meis has over the years noticed that everything she does to be the reason for an analysis of others, both on social media and in the press. The presenter therefore has the feeling that it’s not always about what they say but how they say it. spoke to the presenter because of her return as an actress; over fifteen years after her debut on the white cloth in Pista! she has a role in the film Elvy’s World: So Ibiza.

“I play Lola, Kingston. She is forty years old, a former supermodel, has a daughter, who in the wide world wants. She wants her own style to develop, and the Lola style is a lot of glamour and glitz. It is in part actually an exaggerated version of myself.”

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