State duma adopts controversial pension reform, good

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MOSCOW – The Russian house of commons has given the green light for a controversial pension reform. That increases the retirement age for men and women by five years. The house of lords, the Federatieraad, the amendment still approve, post the Moscow Times. Then president Vladimir Putin are to sign.

Vladimir Putin

The government considers longer working inevitably to the pension scheme to keep it affordable. The plan received heavy criticism and led the national to the demonstrations. Putin proposed a reform to weaken. It was originally intended to women eight years longer to work, but that is now of the job.

The Duma voted by a large majority for the pension plan. Women get later from their sixtieth pension. Men have until they are 65. Angry elderly people fear that they are not long of their oudedagsuitkering can take advantage of. The average life expectancy for Russian men is 66, compared to 77 for women.

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