President Macron has equal

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AMSTERDAM – Emmanuel Macron was still the same. The unemployed gardener, against whom the French president recently publicly said that the young man best way to work could, has found a job.

The French president, in conversation with Jonathan Jahan in his palace.

Jonathan Jahan, a year unemployed with a tuinbouwopleiding, go in to the offer of a temporary staffing agency to become bus driver. According to a French tv station he received twenty other offers after are everywhere conversation with Macron.


The French president spoke Jahan clearly during an open day at the palace, the Elysée. ,,If you want, and you are motivated, then you can get to work in hotels, cafés, restaurants, or construction. There is no place where I can come where you are not in search of people’, stated the French head of state.

,,If I have the street crossing, I would have something to find you,’ added Macron eraantoe. That led to a lot of criticism from the French society. And a lot of jokes on social media with the projecting jobseekers Macron the crazy to stop.

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But Jahan is from the fire. I am happy, because I go to work in something I love,’ says the young man. Unemployment is a big problem in France. Compared to an unemployment rate of nine percent of the workforce are thousands of unfilled vacancies.

More and more French people are tired of the young president. At the beginning of september was still only 29 percent of the voters to have confidence in Macron.

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