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Power provides fuss in new movie Fantastic Beasts

In the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts, it is clear that Power, known from the Harry Potter films as the snake of Voldemort, earlier was a human being. The South Korean actress Claudia Kim plays the role, but there was a lot of criticism on her casting.

Author of the stories about Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, j. k. Rowling, kept the secret of Power for 20 years. Now, it is clear that the serpent is a ‘maledictus’, a man who, unwillingly, in an animal transformed by a curse. The filmmakers opted for an Asian actress, because Power is a naga, a mythical figure from the Indonesian mythology. “Sometimes, they are depicted with wings, sometimes as half-man, half-snake,’ explains Rowling on Twitter.

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Rowling had to defend themselves, because there is a lot of criticism came at the casting. In the Harry Potter books is the snake be submissive to Voldemort, that her milk so again, a body can get.

The Fantastic Beasts franchise, was previously criticized because the cast predominantly white actors. The only Asian role for a submissive snake, comes to some wrong about. ‘We don’t understand it, you have not taken into account with different skin colors when you wrote this book, ” writes Jen Moulton on Twitter. ‘But of Power now, suddenly, a Korean woman make makes no sense. Afterwards, on the representation of thinking is not good.’ J. K. Rowling responded in a tweet by explaining that the naga, the mythical figure on which Power is based, from Indonesia. “In Indonesia live a few hundred ethnic groups, including Javanese, Chinese and Betawi.’
There will be a total of five films in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The first came out in 2016. The second will be in the course of 2018 in the halls.

Black Hermione

It is not the first time that the casting of characters from the books of J. K. Rowling about the reeds. In 2015, a black actress cast as ‘Hermione’ in the play Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Everyone assumed that the character is white, after actress Emma Watson was chosen to Hermione to play in the film adaptation of the books. But Rowling was never a statement made about the skin color of the character. She was described as a girl with kroezelig hair and brown eyes. ‘Rowling loves black Hermione, let the writer know then via Twitter.

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