Message Feyenoorder St. Juste after purple hairstyle

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Last weekend against FC Utrecht plays Jeremiah St. Juste still with purple hair. That color he is now lost.

Dare to be different was the accompanying text on his Instagram account when St. Juste last week the striking colour in his hair put in. “I have the once blonde, and now also purple done,” says St. Juste, who has a message to give. “I also think that it is nice that you can do anything else. Small children should also be able to do, very nice to feel like they have something else to have or carry what is perhaps more common. I’m under a magnifying glass, maybe it gives the children confidence to do what they love. Despite what others say.”

“What is very?”

St. Juste has encountered. He saw the item to be in voetbalpraatprogramma’s and got there every day asking about it. He believes that everyone should be able to be who he wants to be. He knows what it stirs in football, just look at ’the hat’ Memphis Depay earlier. “I think that’s very special,” says St. Juste, who is able to laugh. “What does it matter? What is really that someone has a hat on or her painting? You are the same person, behaving the same, only you see it differently.”

He knows how it works. A short back-pass with purple hair weighs suddenly heavier than with the own hair. The majority of the people will shout ’make it normal’. “But what is normal? Everyone should just do it where it feels comfortable, and I am the first person than in his value as of late.”

’Bekerwinst tastes like more’

’Different’ is allowed, but in the contest preparation of the Team towards a duel with amateurs, there should certainly not of the usual be waived. “Right not, we are preparing in the same way. I hope a lot of goals. That bekerwinst of last season a taste for more.”

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