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Lufthansa Innovation Hub – Blockchain-tender with lots of applicants – Coin Hero

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Lufthansa Innovation Hub – Blockchain-tender with lots of applicants

Home News Lufthansa Innovation Hub – Blockchain-tender with lots of applicants

Matthias Nemack –

So far the Blockchain has in the area of the flight lines is still a relatively low priority. The Aviation Blockchain Challenge, among other things, the Lufthansa Innovation is involved, could at least provide slowly for a change in the Situation.

Blockchain concepts can modernize air traffic

The Blockchain-technology and Airlines are a not too close connection. The Lufthansa Innovation Hub and the SAP.IO the Foundry tread now but a way that could draw imitators. More and more airlines go to the new area. This could also be for companies in other lines of business exciting, the Ethereum buy or other currency in your Wallets and the Blockchain for themselves. The innovative campaign from July 2018, has at least encouraged, 312 ideas to light. So companies in the industry, the money to invest in crypto-currencies such as Litecoin might be, increasingly in this billion-dollar market. The participants of the action are coming from 56 countries. A total of 312 of the ideas were submitted.

Candidates could compete in three categories

Lufthansa and SAP have selected in the section “Traveller Challenge” together three participants for the final. The finalists are: The on the Blockchain-technology-based marketplace “sweet bridge”, whose loyalty providers are programs, regardless of System used. Furthermore, it managed the company “Sky Buys” with their rewards platform for the “Airport Retail” and the company “Avinoc” to the finals in this category. The latter service provider acts as a developer of a data-basis, on the business flights in the area, the demand of air travel without the involvement of a third party, the division of the “mediating third-party” work.

The competition is comprised of various areas of aviation

In addition, the company “Vchain”, “BagX” and “500labs” in the shortlist have done it in the category of “Airline Challenge”. Here it comes to the optimization of operations and processes in the sector of “Airline-specific” services, as stated in the press notice for invitation to tender. In the end, the section “”Supplier Challenge”. Here is the maintenance and improvement of the supply chain the case of Airlines. Here 14bls Supply Tracking”,” Sorablocks “and” Skyy network “in the ranks of a total of nine teams have moved up” in the three categories.

Within the next few weeks, the specialists of Lufthansa Group, and SAP together to exchange with the companies in question. At the end of October (23.10.2018) is within the Lufthansa Innovation forum the decision to the house.

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