Löw speak connecting words, after the choice for Germany

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Fans of Turkey are known for their fanaticism.

The organization of the party was to Germany assigned, that at the election in Nyon, the preference was given over Turkey.

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The trainer was looking in his reaction to the connection. ,,I count on that Turkey qualifies, and a lot of supporters brings with it. Which provide extra atmosphere. Why Germany the preference was given, I don’t know, there is no statement issued. What I do know is that Turkey is also a very good pray.”

Oliver Bierhoff, manager of German national football team, said that in their own country is a great achievement of his country is expected. ,,With a good organisation should have a well-performing home formation. That together contributes to a positive development of football in Germany.”

Also, he could only guess why Germany is preferred. ,,Our history with such events has undoubtedly to do with it.”

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