Hanson comes back to our country

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Who was young in 1997, recalls undoubtedly the by the Dust Brothers (producers of, among others, the Beastie Boys and Beck) produced, ‘MMMBop’. A oorwurm in 27 different countries became number one. Started forgot, the very young brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson their geploeter in the margin.
The boys had previously won five years of their music worked and two albums released independently. ‘Middle of nowhere’, their debut for Mercury – exceeded all expectations. The album contained 5 hit singles (‘MMMBop’, ‘Where’s the love’, ‘I will come to you’, ‘Weird’ and ‘Thinking of you’) and was worldwide by 10 million families have been adopted.
Their concert in Trix last year caused a rush and was in no time sold out! On 20 February they come back to Royal Circus with their String Theory Tour, with a full orchestra their best hits and will guide you. In addition to the jubileumplaten ‘Middle of Nowhere’, ‘The Walk’ and ‘Anthems’ will they also be their -yet to appear – dubbelplaat ‘String Theory’ in the flowers.
The gig in the Royal Circus is a tribute to their music and fans. With a pinch of soul, a dash of rock ‘n’ roll and a lot of harmony, they want their most loyal fans extra pampering. The pre-sale for this unique concert start on Tuesday 2 October at 10 am via For all those who sincerely was young in 1997 (the brothers Hanson and their fans, the countdown has begun!

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