Emotional Jan Ullrich asks for understanding

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Jan Ullrich

Ullrich is on the verge to a clinic in Miami, but just before his departure he wrote an emotional letter to “I am aware that the last time a lot of misunderstandings about me going around,” he writes. “I have been in Hamburg no one attacked. My travelling companion Patrick H. can confirm this. He was there.”

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“New charges against Jan Ullrich

Jan tells us that he Thursday from London to America fly. “I’m going to Miami to me by experts to get treatment. I’m determined to change my life. Therefore, let me also record.”

“I will fight”

The 44-year-old German spent the past time in rehab in Germany and promises to change for the better. “There is no way to go back to my old world. There is no Plan B. This is a challenge that I have under control. I hope that you guys here understand and I have the time I need. I will fight, I promise!”

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