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Bart Eeckhout and Kirsten Bertrand new editors-in-chief The Morning

5f7ce5bb0e1457cc5a25d9259a0c82ef - Bart Eeckhout and Kirsten Bertrand new editors-in-chief The Morning

The Tomorrow is now led by Bart Eeckhout and Kirsten Bertrand. Eeckhout was already op-ed podium editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper, Bertrand was Chief Weekend.

‘Boldly forward and forward with the goat!’ With these words welcomes senior writer Joël De Ceulaer the new two-headed editors-in-chief of his employer on Twitter. “More than ever, the newspaper is the emphasis on added value.”

The Morning was there since 2016, under the editorship of Bart Eeckhout and An Goovaerts. After a lot of internal frictions on the news of VTM, was Goovaerts, from the beginning of september was appointed as the deputy editor-in-chief Nicholas Lataire. That came, however, after a few days back in a function, but shares since then, however, the editorship with Goovaerts. The vacant position of Goovaerts is now completed by Bertrand.

Bertrand and Eeckhout must, above still Jörgen Oosterwaal tolerate, that since march, general, chief editor of De Morgen and Humo’ on his business card.

Oosterwaal calls them ” a perfectly complementary duo, with a great love for accessible quality journalism and a big heart for The Morning.’

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